Worried. Concerned. Nervous.

I'm in the middle of reading Exodus right now and cannot believe how hard it is for Moses and God to convince the Israelites that God will provide for their needs. They are crying for freedom and God displays very obvious signs of his power and authority over all things by turning the Nile into blood, sending frogs and flies and gnats and locusts in disgusting, gross numbers, spreading boils over the skin of the Egyptians and their animals and finally displaying his wrath and anger regarding Pharoah's inability to cooperate, the first born of every Egyptian household is killed.

It paints a picture of a very serious God on a very serious mission to free his people.

The Israelites saw all of this with their own eyes. Wonders that no one could concoct on their own. But immediately upon their release the Israelites are complaining, wondering why they ever left the slavery and bondage they had in Egypt. They assume they will die between the Red Sea the Egyptians, but here comes God again, sending up a pillar of fire to slow the Egyptians and parting the entire red sea. And even after walking between two walls of water, they still can't comprehend God's provision. Because next they are hungry, and are worried they might starve. Again, always faithful, God sends quail and then consistently provides manna. But if you give a mouse a cookie...or if you give some Israelites some manna, they're going to want something to drink. So this time, God provides water from a rock and even still WITH ALL OF THESE MIRACLES nothing seems to help them relax into the consistent, never-failing provision of their God.

At camp we have sent out 70 staff contracts for our summer staff. And just in the past week we have had multiple people email and call saying they will not be returning their contract as other things have come up for their summer. And being that we're supposed to run a camp in 8 weeks, I've been left a little worried. Concerned. Nervous. Wondering in what ways I can use my might and my power to get more contracts in. But today, when I wrote in the margin of my bible yet again, "why can't they just trust God?!!" I heard my own God quite clearly, "why can't you just trust me?"

Yowch. Humbleness.

"Not by might and not by power, but by my spirit," says the Lord. Zechariah 4:6


Mary Hess said...

Well, if you really can't get enough staff returning, keep in mind that there are lots of hungry seminarians around here looking for jobs....

Renee said...

How appropriate that you are reading the Exodus story as Passover begins tonight at sundown.

God will be faithful, you'll get enough staff. And even if you don't, you'll have what you need and all will work out. Always does. Holding you up in prayer.

Becca Groves said...

Mary! Thanks so much for directing me to seminarians. I guess I just assumed everyone is busy with CPE and internships...but if you know of anyone who would be interested in camp ministry, or youth and family this camp is incredible. We've got all sorts of family camps, special needs camps, first timer camps, confirmation camps and EVERYTHING in between (horses, high ropes, tipi's...)

Let me know if you have anyone in mind or if I could send you more information to pass along to interested job seekers!

And Renee...thank you. Thank you for praying and for supporting.

Kristin said...

We have been reading through Exodus as a family and we were just reading through the boils; the kids that ewww!!! Anyway...I am prying for you to be at peace and let God show you where he wants you to find staff or for some to come to you soon!