Nothing will wear you out faster.

I am doing a Beth Moore Bible Study with some friends focusing on the life of Paul. This first week we've studied what his upbringing likely was like. In one lesson we focused on his studies in Jerusalem and Beth wrote the following:

"I believe Saul set sail to Jerusalem as a young adolescent with a pure heart; but somewhere along the way the negative influences outweighed the positive, and his purity began to erode. The law became his god. That's what happens when you take the love out of obedience. The result is the law. Without love for God and His Word, we're just trying to be good. Nothing will wear you out faster."


Renee said...

so true, so true! And I LOVE the header of your blog. I'm guessing that's your grandma...beautiful! Have been thinking about you lately, hope all is well out in NE. Say hello to friends for me.

Becca Groves said...

Hey Renee!
This is my great grandma...incredible woman that she was pouring over her Bible each day.

Life is good in Nebraska. I love the work they're asking me to do out here.

I'm excited to connect with your blog too!