Let's start talking!

My good friend and co-worker Casey responded to the previous post with the following:

I’m curious if these statements/questions revolve around a general demographic? I instantly thought of the 20-somethings that seem to be virtually absent from our Lutheran churches and wonder if this is the same regardless of denomination.

Our society, with the exception of politics during an election year, pushes people to play it safe and be in the middle. Does the church push people out of that “safety” zone. Can the church BE the “safety” zone without giving up any sort of structured theology?

And, what is the role of a place like Carol Joy Holling Camp is this phenomenon? Are we “the church” for some? Should we be? How do we live up to this role?

I LOVE THIS. I mean, I don't know if I have any answers yet...but I love opening this conversation and at least acknowledging that it needs to happen. More later.

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