I’m 28!

flowers 041

I had a wonderful birthday, which is saying a lot because my birthday bar is so, so high. (it really isn’t fair to those around me.) Historically, my mom has made this day the greatest, most anticipated day and then passed the torch to Rory who quickly picked up on the importance of this day.

My co-worker, Kristin, made me this delicious cake (one day I’ll post the recipe…so, so good). And Rory took me to the French Cafe, a lovely restaurant in the Old Market. Our waiter made us banana foster tableside and it was delicious.

flowers 049& flowers 051

The absolute best part of the day for me was when we came home and I opened presents over skype with my sister and her family in Montana. She had emailed me earlier in the day telling me the girls would come to my skype-party in their birthday suits. They came fresh from the bath, wrapped like burritos, but over time, lost their towels and wanted to show me their flips on the furniture. I laughed so hard watching their legs disappear behind their heads as they threw their birthday-suited selves over the back of the couch.flowers 052

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