The whole mustard seed thing.

Rory and I have been going to a church that we really, really love and during a prayer last Sunday the pastor mentioned the whole "faith as small as a mustard seed" thing. And for some reason, this time it hit me. I think preschool VBS was the first time I was shown a mustard seed and since then the words have washed over me like a good analogy, not quite sinking in.

This time it did though. Maybe it's because we just took a great leap of faith, following what I know is God's call to this land called Nebraska. And like any leap of faith, some days I am fully confident and content and other days I am lonesome and hoping.

So I took out the half pencil and offering envelope stuck in the chair in front of me, wrote the following and stuffed it in my purse:

faith the size of a mustard seed.

do you ever feel that way? Like your faith is actually that small. because sometimes, in some seasons it just is.

And yet, God will still move mountains for you. He is still mighty to save- even with that tiny mustard seed of faith that we believe in.

I read the envelope each day this week, knowing that I wrote the words to myself. And as I read them again each day, I began to remember the grace of God: God moves the mountains, we just cling to him.

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