We're here!

I'm not sure I have ever stuffed more into one week than we have stuffed into this last one. A move is a lot of work. And starting a new job takes a lot of energy. So I thought I'd start blogging a bit again. (Besides, Rory just kicked me off of the tv (Golden Globes!) so he could watch 24. And since I can't handle that show, I thought I'd drop by my abandoned blog. 24 is just too, too suspenseful for this nervous nelly.)

We had a slight fiasco upon arrival to Omaha. Rory called our apartment landlord and asked if we could move in a day early. The secretary said, "oh, we were going to call you. We leased that apartment to another woman on accident. The other lady showing apartments forgot there was a pencil hold on that apartment and she showed it and the lease has already been signed." They had assured us we could sign the lease upon arrival...Rory had really wanted to fax it back and forth but ended up feeling confident that nothing would go wrong. Whoopsie Daisy. It's a good thing we are Groves-on-the-go and are quite adept at this sort of thing.

We spent the night at a Comfort Inn in Omaha with the Uhaul tucked under a parking lot light, and Toonces sleeping between us. Rory stayed up until 3 am, looking for housing in the area, and as it turned out, the very first place we looked at in the morning was absolutely perfect...better than the Apartment #1, in fact.

So here are some pics of our new pad. This is mostly for our mom's, but for all who are interested, enjoy!

P1030242 P1110006

Our apartment is the top windows in this picture. Our bedroom has both windows in it, and the top deck connects to our living room.

P1110010 P1110013

The bedroom is not ready for photographs at this time. :) All the boxes had to go somewhere!

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val said...

Oh, gosh I wish I could be your realtor.

Your house is going to sell, sell, sell.

Preparing like this, taking your opportunity very seriously? Amazing.

love, Val