O Holy Night

Sara was my 10th grade English and History teacher at Rosemount High school, my first employer, and now is my sister-in-law (while working for her, I fell in love with her husband's brother, Rory.) The best part is that we've been friends for over a decade now. I LOVE her music and have always counted myself as her biggest fan. I remember when she was my teacher, she'd talk about how she sometimes sang at her church and I always wanted to hear what songs she'd write. Now I know: honest, soulful, true songs.
She was my favorite teacher in high school and is still my favorite teacher in life. I feel like every conversation we share I am left walking away thinking and pondering and talking to God about something new. Go and get this album. It is fantastic from start to finish. http://www.saragroves.com/

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mommy-medic said...

Clicking on that to purchase the cd only takes you to another version of the image. Off to hunt it down- any chance she is on itunes?